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0,39 - 3,45 m3/min
14 - 122 cfm

Pressure range:
8 - 13 bar
115 - 190 psig

Motor range:
11 - 22 kW
15 - 30 HP

SF series compressors
Super-silenced frequency controlled screw compressors

  • Continuous volume flow control from 25-100%. Constant net pressure
  • Smooth starts and stops within seconds
  • Practically no idling times

Your benefits

  • Flexible adaptation to changing operating conditions
  • Simple optimization of f.a.d.
  • No current peaks during start-up procedure
  • Significant saving of energy costs


SDF series compressed air stations

Frequency controlled screw compressor with integral compressed air refrigerant dryer.

Your benefits

The SDF series models combine the many benefits of the SD series with energy saving frequency control.

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