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0,39 - 18,4 m3/min
14 - 650 cfm

Pressure range:
8 - 13 bar
115 - 190 psig

Motor range:
11 - 110 kW
15 - 150 HP

SF Frequency Controlled Series

Eliminate off-load running, even out demand fluctuations and save energy!
The SF series works strictly in accordance with the compressed air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required.
Correctly specified frequency controlled compressors eliminate idling time and even out air demand fluctuations. Energy costs can therefore be reduced considerably.

  • Continuous flow regulation from 25-100%
    - universally adaptable to changing operating conditions
  • Constant system pressure
    - no energy costs arising from generating unnecessary pressure (1 bar excess compression equals 6-10% increase in energy costs)
  • Smooth start-ups and run-downs in a matter of seconds
    - little wear on components and short reaction times
  • Easy to integrate into existing compressed air stations
    - easy optimisation of compressed air supply
  • Complete product range based on standard modules
    - universal applications
  • Start-up power within the nominal power range
    - practically no power peaks during start-up
  • Patented GM drive system with constant belt tensioning
    - virtually maintenance-free V-belt drive system
  • Practically no idling time
    - large potential saving on energy costs

Adapting the amount of free air delivered to compressed air demand is the most economical operating method where demand for compressed air fluctuates considerably or where the stored volume is very small or when operating below peak load.

Benefits of frequency control

  • Smooth starts and stops within seconds
  • Continuous volume flow regulation from 25 to 100 percent
  • Flexible adaptation of f.a.d.
  • Wear and maintenance costs minimised 
  • No power-peaks during start-up (energy saving!)
  • Constant network pressure +/- 0.1 bar (energy saving!)
  • Nearly no idling (energy saving!)

The SF series models are available in the following pressure ranges: 8 bar, 10 bar and 13 bar. Due to their continual flow regulation ranging from 25% to 100% they cover free air delivery in the range of 45 kW and 110 kW.

The SF series models have a frequency converter and separate control integrated into the switch cabinet in a space saving manner. The efficient control of the compressor is a standard feature in the SF series. The current operating conditions of the machine are displayed clearly and precisely in the LCD display.

SF series screw compressors can be ideally integrated into any existing compressed air station.

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