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Control voltage:
230V 50/60Hz or 24V 50/60Hz

Electrical connection:
Terminal for PE conductor
Analog input for pressure transmitter
3 shortcircuit-proof transistor outputs
for 20mA coupling relay
ISP interface for software input

Dimensions in mm (W/H/D):
Wall mounted version: 210/150/100
Integrated version: 110/80/70


Interrelated savings
Practical base load switch operation

Up to three compressors of various types and sizes with automatic interconnected control - that’s trinity made by BOGE. The necessary connection is integrated in the compressor switch cabinet either already prepared at the factory or easily retrofitted. Alternatively an external wall mounting cased version is available.

The current network pressure is measured by a pressure sensor. You only have to input the maximum and minimum pressure values and all the intermediate pressures of the compressors are automatically calculated.

Extremely flexible
The adjustable base load switching cycle enables a constant load operation of all installed compressors over a defined period of time. This balancing of the compressors offers significant advantages as far as maintenance and service are concerned: trinity ensures an even load operation of all compressors minimising service costs. For the selection of various switching times you can choose from 26 channels for three freely selectable priorities (incl. cutoffs, e.g. at night or at the weekend), releasing new potentials for energy saving.

Everything in one box:
The wall mounted external version of trinity.

Simply more effective

  • Measuring of actual pressure with pressure sensor
  • Automatic cascading
  • Backlit LC display
  • Memory of all settings even in case of power failure
  • Easy handling
  • Extremely versatile
  • Great value

Visible data

  • Pressure display combined with display of compressors currently in load operation
  • Pressure display combined with current compressor priorities
  • Pressure display combined with current cycle rest time
  • Pressure display combined with display of weekly timer
  • Display Pmin and Pmax switching points
  • Display of precise time
  • Display of installed software version

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