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The BOGE control and monitoring concept is designed to react to the individual needs of each compressed air system.
BOGE compressors provide different levels of control convenience, all of which utilise cutting edge technology and are designed for utmost energy efficiency.



The Fundamental Version: BASIC

  • 5 parameters in main display
  • symbol / segment display (LC display)
  • pressure transducer control
  • in-situ software update possible
  • code programmable
  • automatic antifreeze operation
  • error and maintenance messages
  • auto-restart
  • potential-free contact retrofittable

The Rational Version: RATIO*
additionally including:

  • remote ON/OFF (e.g. remote control panel)
  • local/remote control via key switch
  • compressed air processing control
  • system pressure sensor
  • ring memory (last 30 messages)
  • potential free contacts for error / maintenance messages and operating state

*(From S 31-2 upwards and for all frequency controlled machines.)

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