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0,91 - 3,45 m3/min
32 - 122 cfm

Pressure range:
8 - 13 bar
115 - 190 psig

Motor range:
7,5 - 22 kW
10 - 30 HP

S 10 up to S 29-2 models

Systematic design concept utilising top-quality components throughout.

  • Clear layout in three sections
    - easy access to all components
  • Intake air filter as standard
    - low contamination of components
    - long service life, high availability
  • Modular design using the standard component assembly system
    - universal installation
  • Dynamic intrinsically safe intake controller
    - designed for proportional control as standard
  • Dirt-repellent sound-insulating lining
    - very good insulation, oil repellent, washable
  • State-of-the art screw profile
    - small specific power requirement, excellent economy
  • Switch cabinet to DIN and VDE IP 54 type protection
    - laid out clearly and protected against dirt ingress
  • High efficiency external separator cartridge
    - easy to change
  • BOGE control, regulating and monitoring system
    - customised, convenient, economical, reliable
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor, ISO class F
    - additional motor reserves, long service life due to installation in cool area, PTC-resistor protection
  • Patented GM belt drive system with constant belt tension
    - virtually maintenance-free belt drive
  • Horizontal combi separator vessel
    - fast de-aeration and low foam properties, low residual oil content of only 1-3 mg/m3 in every operating phase
  • Complete autonomous cooling unit
    - small hot area compressor operates when hood is open for maintenance and testing purposes
  • Torsionally rigid base frame
    - easy positioning problem free transport with fork lift or pallet truck
  • Valve-less oil circulation system with no oil stop or check valve
    - high operational reliability
  • Vibration damped base frame
    - reduces transmission of structure-borne sound

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