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2,67 - 40,8 m3/min
94 - 1441 cfm

Pressure range:
8 - 13 bar
115 - 190 psi

Motor range:
22 - 250 kW
30 - 340 HP

S 31-2 up to S 341 models

Exemplary design - economic in operation

  • DIN & VDE switch cabinet, protection type IP 54
    - clear layout and dirt repellent
  • Internal layout clearly defined into three sections
    - easy access to all components
  • No need for oil stop valve or check valve in valve-less oil circuit
    - high reliability
  • Super-silencing fitted as standard to the air inlet
    - pleasant sound level, easy to upgrade to complete super-silencing
  • BOGE control, regulating and monitoring system
    - individual, adaptable, economic, reliable
  • Small warm air section, complete autonomous cooler unit
    - compressor operates even when the cabinet is open for testing or maintenance purposes
  • Dynamic, intrinsically safe intake controller
    - Designed as standard for proportional control
  • Torsionally rigid sealed base frame
    - Easy to transport with a pallet truck or forklift truck
  • Vibration damped sub-frame
    - reduced transmission of structure-borne sound
  • Nylon laminated fibre mat acoustic lining
    - very good soundproofing, oil-repellent, washable
  • Compact V-belt guard and housing protects belts from ingress of dust and dirt
    - long service life of V-belts.
  • Patented GM drive system with constant belt tension
    - maintenance-free V-belt drive
  • Horizontal combi separator
    - fast de-aeration and low foam properties
    - low residual oil content of only 1-3 mg/m3 in every operating phase

The S series has been awarded the iF seal for outstanding design quality in the industrial products category by the 'Industrie Forum Design'. It is Germany’s most important design award for industrially manufactured products.

The international jury made up of acknowledged design experts assesses not only the quality of design, but also criteria which benefit users of the machine, for example:

  • Engineering and choice of materials
  • Degree of innovation
  • Ergonomics and functionality
  • Safety
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Service life
  • Efficient use of resources and energy
  • Operating convenience

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