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SO 61 - SO 126

5,25 - 13,01 m3/min
185 - 459 cfm

Pressure range:
8 - 10 bar
115 - 150 psig

Motor range:
45 - 90 kW
60 - 125 HP
SO 61 - SO 126

Oil-free solutions

Direct driven: SO 61 - SO 126

Technical features:

  • Copper bundle intercooler and aftercooler, maintenance-friendly for easy cleaning.
  • Replaceable stage bearings, no need to stock spare stages.
  • DIN and VDE switch cabinet with IP 54 protection, dirt repellent.
  • Three-phase asynchronus motor, ISO class F.
  • Additional motor reserves for challenging operating conditions.
  • Long service life of the motor due to installation in the cooling air intake section.
  • Nylon laminates fibre mat acoustic lining, noise damping, washable.
  • Connection to a HOC adsorption dryer with no external energy for pressure dewpoints to -40°C (optional for all BOGE SO series compressors).

Air and water cooled in BOGE quality for absolutely oil-free compressed air.

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