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SO 100 - SO 200 water cooled

9,9 - 22,4 m3/min
350 - 791 cfm

Pressure range:
8 - 10 bar
115 - 150 psig

Motor range:
75 - 145 kW
100 - 197 HP
SO 100 - SO 200 water cooled

Oil-free solutions

Belt driven: SO 100 - SO 200 water cooled

Technical features:

  • Proven GM-drive system which always keeps the correct belt tension during operation.
  • Effective cooling of the airend jacket to guarantee good heat removal and high efficiency at high operating safety.
  • Special air inlet to compress cool air from the outside without being heated up in the compressor cabinet (separate cooling air inlet and outlet).
  • Bekomats for condensate drain decoupled from vibrations.
  • Separate pump independent from main drive for ideal lubrication of the bearings before machine starts.
  • Compact heat exchanger block (in case of water cooling suitable for sea water).
  • High f.a.d. due to optimum utilisation ratio of motor output.

5 models in 20 variants for absolutely oil-free compressed air.
Air cooled or water cooled in BOGE quality.

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