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Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps (TAEevo - TWEevo - HAEevo - TAEevo Laser)

The application of a chiller in industrial processes offers significant productivity
improvements and cost reductions. TAEevo, the world’s favourite industrial chiller,
goes one step further, having been specifically designed for, and together with,
the industrial Users. Numerous benefits are coupled with extreme flexibility to all
individual needs, born from MTA’s extensive industrial cooling knowledge.

Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps (TAEevo - TWEevo - HAEevo - TAEevo Laser)

Suited to all conditions

Water inlet  limits  of  -5  to  35°C and outlet limits of -10 (0°C on M03-10) to 30°C ensure  TAEevo is suited to all industrial applications. IP54 protection (from 031), full frontal  access, easily  removable panels and a separate refrigeration compartment (from 015) facilitate ease of use.

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Maximum control

The large tank and evaporator ensure steady water temperatures, even during sudden load variations. This is further enhanced by passing the water through the evaporator before entering the tank, offering a ready chilled water supply. HP, LP and water manometers (from 031) give a quick overview of status.

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Assured quality

All models are individually  water- side tested at nominal  operating conditions, and also undergo operating tests, refrigerant charge and leakage controls, and microprocessor and safety device setting verifications. Leading brand components are used throughout, ensuring long term reliability.

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Fail-safe operation

TAEevo   always operates in  all conditions, thanks to  an  internal trace water by-pass, numerous safety devices, generous water temperature limits, a 46°C ambient temperature limit,  antifreeze protection and an internal  water  level  sensor. The advanced microprocessor ensures fail-safe operation at all times.

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As industrial applications differ, so TAEevo can be adapted to each individual need thanks to

numerous configurations and accessories:

Pump options – 3bar pumps are supplied as standard, 5bar pumps or no pump on request

(from 015). Twin pumps are also offered (from 201).

Water circuit  A non-ferrous option (stainless steel  water tank, copper/brass exchanger,

stainless steel pump if not already standard) is offered on models 015-351.  Alternatively

models 015-351 can be supplied with a prismatic stainless steel tank and an external stainless

steel plate heat exchanger (designed for open circuit operation); this configuration is also

available with an evaporator flow switch which protects against water flow stoppages.

Condenser section – Electronic fan speed control is offered from model 031. Centrifugal fans

(from 031) are ideal for ducted or indoor installation. Pre-treated, blygold-type treated and

copper-copper condenser coils (all from 015) cater for harsh ambients.

Low ambient temperature operation – The -20°C ambient version (from 031) offers electrical

panel heating, electronic fan speed control and a crankcase heater. Antifreeze heating and

pump trace heating are also available (from 015).

Special voltages – 60Hz versions with or without UL approval are available.

Close Control version – The Laser version offers extremely precise temperature regulation (+/-

0,5°C) thanks to the application of hot gas by-pass control.

HAEevo options – Transport wheels and handles (031-161) and stainless steel panels (031-351)

are available.

Other accessories – Differing refrigerants (R134a, R22) can be supplied on request, as can

NPT water connection adapters (standard on 60Hz/UL units). Crankcase heaters and a glycol

fill kit (all from 015) are also offered.

Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page3_image37.jpgIndustrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page3_image38.jpg1sdsadadsadas.JPG

Atmospheric pressure fill kit

This kit (from 015) is simply installed onto the back of the chiller itself, and features a generous tank (with an easy to read water level indication) encased within a tough galvanized steel cabinet. A tap offers easy chiller water tank filling. The fill  kit is standard on models M03-10.

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Pressurised fill kit

This kit, available from model 015, is used in pressurised water circuit applications (up to 6barg). The kit features all  components required for safe and easy operation, including  a  pressure reducer, water inlet valve, pressure gauge, automatic relief valve, safety valve and expansion tank.

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Remote control options

The following remote control options  are  offered  from  model


Simple remot control module (on/ off,  unit  status) for  installation at up to 150m from unit;

Advanced remote control module (full control), for installation at up to 150m from  unit.

Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page3_image22.jpg

Supervisor options

The microprocessor can be linked to various external Supervisor systems:

•RS485 serial connection to an external Supervisor (MODBUS and other leading systems);

•XWEB300       Supervisor     kit, operating via Internet;

•Remote GSM connection directly to a cellular phone.

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The  TAEevo product  family

TAEevo (M03-602)

The most popular  solution,  with an air-cooled condenser allowing quick  and easy installation and high versatility in a multitude of applications. As per the rest of the range, the internal tank and pump offer a fully packaged solution.

Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page4_image45.jpg

TWEevo (015-602)

Water-cooled models offer elevated energy efficiency (EER) levels, and are well suited to hot ambients, or those where  indoor    installation is   required.   Noise   levels   are also reduced notably. (separate document available)

Water cooled Chillers_AQUARIUSplus_449-1594KW_page2_image3.jpg
HAEevo (031-351)

Heat pumps produce chilled and hot water, offering extreme versatility. A 4-way valve allows easy cycle inversion. MTAs unique Frost Detection System offers intelligent defrosting with  efficiency gains. (separate document available)

Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page4_image47.jpg

TAEevo Laser (051-351)

This Laser chiller,  supplied to renowned OEM accounts, features a non ferrous water circuit and close control temperature regulation via a hot gas by-pass. A 6 bar pump and tank electrical heater are standard. (separate document available)

Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page4_image43.jpg

TAEevo is the perfect solution, whatever your application

Plastics  &   rubber   (presses, injection moulding, extrusion (sheet & profile), blow moulding, thermoforming, PET)

Lasers   with a specific Laser chiller (cutting, welding, profiling, optics, medical, engraving)

Food &  drinks (confectionary, bakeries,  distilleries,  breweries,

wineries, dairies, bottling, carbonation, meat & fish processing, vegetable & salad processing, storage)

Chemical  &   pharmaceutical (jacketed vessels, polyurethane foam mixers, natural gas, industrial cleaning, laboratories, healthcare, solvents, paints)

Metal    working   (processing

& transformation of precious metals, aluminium  working & processing)

Mechanical   &    Engineering (machine tools, welding machines, rolling   mills,  presses, extruders, cutting, profiling, polishing, electric spark machinery, hydraulic,

control unit oil cooling, pneumatic transport, heat treatment)

Paper &  related  applications (printers, cardboard, labels, plastic film)

Other  applications (ceramics, textiles,          wood,     rental,     air compressor      cooling,      other applications)

Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page5_image33.jpgIndustrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page5_image31.jpg
Industrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page5_image29.jpgIndustrial Chillers & Heat Pumps_TAEevo_page5_image27.jpg

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