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Air cooled water chillers_CYGNUS_4.1-67KW

Air cooled water chillers, heat pumps, condensing units and reversible condensing 
units with R410A or R407C featuring rotary or hermetic scroll compressors. 
Cooling capacity 4,1 - 67 kW, heating capacity 4,3 - 72 kW.
Air cooled water chillers_CYGNUS_4.1-67KW

•  Extremely low noise levels;
• High EER/COP values and seasonal performance indices;
• Ideally suited to commercial and domestic chilled water 
air-conditioning applications;
• Extended operating limits;
• Optimisation of heat pump defrosting cycles thanks to 
the exclusive Frost Detecting System (FDS) (Minimum 
ambient temperature in heat pump mode = -10 °C);
• Self-adaptive temperature control (SAC) for efficient 
operation with installations having low water contents;
•  Designed for installation in confined spaces;
•  Easy to use thanks to a controller with icon-based dual 
• Easy installation and simple access to all chiller 
• Configuration without storage tank;
• High/low pressure head pump;
• Double pump with one in stand-by (depending on 
• Condensate collection tray with hose connection (models 
• Anti-freeze heaters on evaporator, pump and tank;
• Remote user interface;
• RS485 ModBus interface for connection to supervisor 
• xWEB300 for local or remote (GSM mobile phone) 
monitoring plus data filing based on WEB server 
•  Antivibration mountings.
•  Hermetic Rotary compressors (013-020) Scroll compressors 
(031- 171) tandem Scroll compressors (211-301);
•  Integral hydronic kit complete with pump, tank, expansion 
vessel, filling/drain valve, pressure gauge, and automatic 
bleed valve;
• Hydraulic threaded connections directly accessible from 
the exterior of the unit;
• Brazed stainless steel plate evaporator;
• Axial fans with sickle shaped blades and electronic speed 
• Heat pumps with 2^ thermostatic valve for performance 
optimisation in all operating conditions (models 131 to 
• Charging of non-freezing oil and refrigerant in compact 
versions CG/HCG and CY/HCY performed in factory;
•  Protection grade IPX4;
• Inspections and tests performed in factory as per all MTA 
products and components;
• Environmentally friendly refrigerants with R410A and 
R407C zero ozone depletion potential.
•  Chiller;
•  Heat pump;
•  Condensing unit (R407C);
•  Reversible condensing unit (R407C);
• Split chiller system in chiller mode or reversible heat 
pump (R407C).untitled.PNGuntitled1.PNG

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