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Flow capacity:
0,33 - 27,5 m3/min
12 - 972 cfm

Max. operating pressure:
16 bar
235 psig

Dry compressed air can save you money!

BOGE DR Series Refrigerant Dryers

Refrigerant Dryers
One of the most economic methods of treating compressed air is with a refrigerant dryer. By cooling the compressed air down to near freezing point, the water and oil vapour are condensed and particles of dirt are bound together, the resulting condensate is then separated from the air flow.

In most cases, the pressure dewpoint need only be a few degrees lower than the ambient temperature to prevent condensate from forming in the pipes.

Intelligent Saving
Microprocessorised load dependent regulation of DR series refrigerant dryers.

Reduced quantity of refrigerant
R 134a is the standard refrigerant used throughout the whole DR range. Unlike more traditional refrigerant dryers, the quantity required has been reduced considerably by up to 70%.

Environmentally friendly BOGE refrigeration technology
Anyone involved in refrigeration technology, has a special responsibility. That is why when designing the DR series, right from the outset, a great deal of importance was attached to the environmentally friendly manufacture, operation and final waste-disposal of our refrigerant dryers.

The advantages of using a BOGE refrigerant dryer

  • Pressure dewpoint +3 ºC
    - consistent high-quality compressed air
    - low internal pressure differential saves on running costs
  • Amply sized heat exchanger caters for maximum +50 °C ambient with +70 °C inlet temperatures - corresponding +15 °C dewpoint possible
    - Large heat exchanges ensures consistent performance even in extreme temperatures
  • Dryer control dependent on capacity
    - Avoidance of unnecessary energy costs
    - Saving potential up to 90%
  • Refrigerant R 134a through the whole range
    - ozone-friendly
    - environmentally friendly operation
    - minimum amount of refrigerant required

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