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Flow capacity:
125 - 2730 l/min
4 - 96 cfm

Max. operating pressure:
7 - 15 bar
100 - 220 psig

BOGE-Membrane Dryer, DM...V Series

Membrane Dryers are used to reduce the pressure dewpoint.
Preferably to be installed between compressor and compressed air receiver.

  • Pressure dewpoint reduced (Δt) between 20°C and 55°C
    - a multitude of applications are suitable for the Membrane Dryer
  • Pre-filter with condensate drain supplied standard
    - technically oil-free compressed air
  • No moving parts, no motors
    - electrical energy savings
  • CFC free
    - significant contribution to protecting the ozone layer and the environment
  • Water separation by means of pre-filtration
    - dependable operation of membrane dryer
  • Compact unit
    - easy to install, small space required
    - minimum installation costs

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