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Air-cooled chillers with R134

Class   A   energy   efficiency   on   most
models,   refrigerant   R134a,   up   to   4
screw   compressors,   lowest   noise
levels, endless accessories, generous
operating limits: together these make
Phoenix plus an unmatched industrial
chiller package.
Air-cooled chillers with R134

The  compressor  cooling  capacity  is  continuosly  controlled
by  an  actuator  driven  partialisation  device;  this  ensures
perfect   cooling   capacity   control   and,   consequently,
extremely precise water temperature control, a fundamental
requirement in industrial applications
Phoenix plus   features  R134a,  a  chlorine-free,  zero  ozone
depletion   potential   (ODP)   refrigerant   with   significant
environmental benefits. R134a’s reduced operating pressures
and   temperatures   ensure   high   compression   levels   with
reduced electrical power consumptions.
Electronic fan speed regulation;
Electronic thermostatic valve;
Pre-coated condensing coils for aggressive atmospheres;
Compressor protection by means of automatic cut-outs;
Antivibration dampers kit;
Replicated remote user terminal kit;
Supervisor kits;
Metal mesh protection filters for condensing coils;
Evaporator antifreeze heater.

SN   and   SSN   versions   feature   compressors   housed   in
acoustically insulated metal compartments clad with sound
absorbing material, combined with reduced fan speeds, anti-
vibration  dampers  and  mufflers.  This  results  in  the  lowest
sound emission levels on the market.
As the cost of electricity rises so energy efficiency is becoming
an increasingly critical factor for the operating overheads of
an  industrial  system.  That’s  why  Phoenix plus   is  designed
to  offer  unmatched  energy  efficiency  levels. This  has  been
achieved   thanks   to   meticulous   design   and   components
selection  including,  for  example,  continuous  compressor
capacity control and the availability of up to 4 compressors
within  independent  circuits.  The  majority  of  HE  models
offer Class A energy efficiency in compliance with  EECCAC
norms,   which   translates   to   EER   values   superior   to   3.1.
N - standard;
SN - low noise;
SSN - super-silent (for high ambient temperatures);
HE - high energy efficiency version.
Low ambient temperature version (-20 °C).


The direct expansion shell-and-tube evaporators, optimised
for  R134a,  are  among  the  most  technologically  advanced
on the market. Thanks to their construction, and the facility
for  periodic  maintenance,  they  provide  stable  and  reliable
operation   in   even   the   harshest   industrial   applications.
All  evaporators  are  protected  from  freezing  by  means  of
the  microprocessor’s  antifreeze  function  and  a  differential
pressure switch.
The powerful 32-byte programmable microprocessor allows
energy   efficiency   levels   to   be   maximized   in   all   load
conditions. The microprocessor features STATUS CONTROL
design, presenting the user with a full range of information
concerning  the  status  of  the  various  controlled  parameters.
Remote  interfaceability  is  assured  by  means  of  a  GSM
modem  and  full  compatibility  with  the  most  widely  used
Building   Management   System   (BMS)  

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