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Air cooled water chillers_ORION_17-67KW

Air cooled water chillers and heat pumps with centrifugal fans, featuring 
hermetic scroll compressors.
Cooling capacity 17 – 67 kW, heating capacity 20 – 75 kW. 
Air cooled water chillers_ORION_17-67KW

•  High installation flexibility: direction of condensing air 
expulsion easily changed, even in site;
•  Ideal for small hydronic air conditioning systems;
•  Complete with storage tank and pump to facilitate 
installation and start-up operations;
•  Designed for installation in confined spaces;
•  High EER and COP values;
• Extended operating limits;
•  Optimisation of heat pump defrosting  cycles (HON) 
thanks to the exclusive Frost Detecting System;
•  Self-adaptive temperature control logic SAC;
•  Extremely quiet even without the use of sound-insulating 
•  Easy to use thanks to an intuitive controller with dual 
icon-based display;
•  Practical routine maintenance with easily accessible 
internal parts.
•  Layout without storage tank;
•  High/low pressure head pump;
•  Changing orientation of fans delivery port;
•  Fans electronic speed control;
• Remote user interface;
•  RS485 ModBus interface for connection to supervisor 
•  xWEB300 for local or remote (GSM mobile phone) 
monitoring plus data filing based on  WEB server 
• Antivibration mounts;
•  Filters to protect the condenser coils;
• Phase monitor.
•  Hermetic scroll compressors (tandem dual compressor 
from model 211);
•  Integral  hydronic kit complete with centrifugal pump, 
tank, expansion  vessel, relief  valve, filling/drain  valve, 
pressure gauge, and manual bleed valve;
•  Hydraulic threaded connections directly accessible from 
the exterior of the unit;
•  Brazed stainless steel plate evaporator;
•  Centrifugal fans with fanwheel having forward-curved 
blades, double suction and belt-drive transmission with 
variable pitch pulley;
•  Microprocessor controller with dual icon-based display;
•  Panelling with internal condensate proof insulation;
•  Condensate tray with threaded drain connection;
•  Refrigerant charge, non-freezing oil, and factory testing;
•  IP54 electric protection rating; 
•  Inspections and tests performed in factory as per all MTA 
products and components;
•  Environmentally friendly refrigerants with R407C zero 
ozone depletion potential.
•  Chiller;
•  Heat pump;
•  Split  chiller system in  chiller mode 

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