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Air-cooled chillers with R410A or R407C

Up   to   12   scroll   compressors   offer
perfect  temperature  control  in  all
conditions,   with   elevated   partial
load efficiencies. The multi-component
configuration  ensures  peace  of  mind
in  applications  requiring  round  the
clock cooling.
Air-cooled chillers with R410A or R407C

The  use  of  several  scroll  compressors  in  parallel  ensures
high performance at partial loads, with the absorbed power
decreasing  in  proportion  to  the  cooling  capacity  demand.
The  electronic  thermostatic  valve,  available  as  an  option,
offers  further  energy  savings  and  high  precision  capacity
control;   the   microprocessor   analyses   signals   transmitted
by  the  sensors  in  the  circuit  and  consequently  adjusts  the
degree of opening of the valve, thus optimising operation in
all load conditions.
Thanks  to  its  processing  power  the  32-byte  programmable
microprocessor  permits  energy  efficiency  maximization  in
all  load  conditions  and  the  management  of  up  to  4  units
in master-slave mode. The microprocessor features STATUS
CONTROL  design,  presenting  the  user  with  a  full  range  of
information  concerning  the  status  of  the  various  controlled
Remote  interfaceability  is  assured  by  means  of  a  GSM
modem  and  full  compatibility  with  the  most  widely  used
Building   Management   System   (BMS)   communication
protocols: BACnet, Lonworks, and ModBus.
Electronic fan speed regulation;
Electronic thermostatic valve;
Pre-coated condensing coils for aggressive atmospheres;
Storage tank with single or double pumps;
Pumps with reduced or increased head pressure;
Crankcase heater;
Phase monitor;
Power factor correction capacitors;
Antivibration dampers kit;
Remote control kit;
Supervisor kits;
Metal mesh protection filters for condensing coils;
Antifreeze heaters on evaporator, pump and tank;
Compressor shut-off valves.

 N - standard;
 SN - low noise;
 SSN - super-silent;
 Low ambient temperature version (-20 °C);
R410A or R407C refrigerant.


Multi-scroll technology, with several compressors in parallel
on  each  circuit,  ensures  maximum  performance  at  partial
loads  by  varying  the  cooling  capacity  in  proportion  to  the
real demand. This solution also reduces the system minimum
thermal  inertia  value  and  its  related  energy  loss.  Apart
from  reducing  the  level  of  absorbed  power,  progressive
disactivation  of  the  compressors  and  fans  renders  Galaxy
extremely  quiet,  making  it  ideal  for  installation  in  noise-
sensitive surroundings.
Air-cooled chillers with R410A or R407C equipped
scroll compressors. Cooling capacity 480 - 1442 kW.
Storage  tank,  single  or  double  pumps,  expansion  vessel,
pressure relief valve, and pressure gauge: with Galaxy all the
main hydronic components can be installed on board.
This   translates   into   savings   in   time   otherwise   required
to   select   hydraulic   circuit   components,   plus   simplified
installation procedures, leading to reduced installation times
and costs.
Galaxy is supplied, as standard, with a differential pressure
switch   protecting   the   evaporator   and   with   “Victaulic”
connections  to  help  reduce  vibration,  noise  levels  and  the
problems associated with thermal expansion of the pipin

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