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Max. pressure 15 bar;
2135 - 7320 l/min*

Max. pressure 40 bar;
937 - 4559 l/min*

*model specific


Optimum final pressure from Booster Compressor

The BOGE Booster Compressor takes in pre-compressed and pre-treated compressed air from an existing network or from a low-pressure compressor and compresses it to the required final pressure.

BOGE - Benefits for you

  • Adaptable Operation:
    For base load (100% duty cycle) and for heavy intermittent operation
  • Efficient operation:
    Considerable energy cost and capital cost savings plus uniform supply of compressed air
  • Maximum operational reliability:
    Integrated oil level monitoring as standard equipment
  • Maximum operational reliability:
    Prefilter for optimum intake air quality as a standard feature

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