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SRD 125 / 250

125 and 250 l/min
4,5 and 9 cfm

Presssure options:
10 and 15 bar

Motor size:
0,75 and 1,5 kW
1 and 2 HP
SRD 125 / 250

SRD 125 and 250 Series

Industrial design for 100% duty
Standard and super-silenced models

Base Mounted Compressor

A base mounted piston compressor unit can provide an individual solution to your compressed air requirements. For example, you can quickly and easily extend an existing compressor system into a multiple compressor system.
Also available as a super-silenced model (optional).

BOGE - Benefits for you

  • Lower costs and less time spent when extending your system
  • Energy cost savings due to baseload and peak-load compressors

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