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SBD 350 – 1000

260 - 730 l/min
9,5 - 26 cfm

Pressure options:
10 und 15 bar
150 und 220 psig

Motor size:
2,2 - 6,3 kW
3 - 9 HP
SBD 350 – 1000

SBD 350 - 1000 Series

Industrial design for 100% duty

Receiver Mounted Compressor

The modular assembly system allows the selection of individual compressors and receiver sizes, depending on the application. Also available as a super-silenced model.

BOGE - Benefits for you

  • No special foundations required Most economic unit designed for each compressed air demand
  • Customised solution for each application

Compressed Air Station
Receiver Mounted Air Compressor and Refrigerant Dryer

Complete compressed air station with piston compressor, refrigerant air dryer and horizontal receiver. Dryer fitted with electronic level controlled automatic condensate drain. This package removes the need for untidy and expensive pipe installation. PLUS version offers optional high efficiency in-line filter and oil/water separator to provide an environmentally friendly, technically oil-free compressed air solution.

BOGE - Benefits for you

  • Minimum space required for the entire station
  • Models for 10 and 15 bar
  • Low installation costs
  • Super-silenced model can be installed in the workplace
  • Dry compressed air
  • Easy to install

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