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DAU Heatless

Flow capacity:
5 - 100 m3/h
3 - 59 cfm

Max. operating pressure:
16 bar

DAU Heatless

Heatless adsorption dryers with pressure dewpoints to -70°C

Before drying, the standard BOGE FU...N series microfilter reliably removes any solid or liquid impurities up to 0.01 μm from the compressed air supply.

In the adsorption dryer, the desiccant material adsorbs moisture from the air, resulting in clean, dry compressed air. Pressure dewpoints to -40 °C can be achieved with the standard model.

In parallel with moisture adsorption, regeneration takes place in a second vessel. With type DAU ...N heatless adsorption dryers, compressed air which has already been dried is used to regenerate the desiccant.

Your benefits

  • Generously dimensioned inlet and outlet valves
    - low differential pressure, saving on energy costs
  • Robust, flexible adsorption principle
    - maximum availability
  • Regeneration without external energy supply
    - economic, trouble-free operation
  • Optional dewpoint control
    - energy saving by controlling the volume of purge air, depending on pressure, volume and temperature
  • Condensate removal via purge air
    - no additional costs for condensate removal
  • Standard pressure dewpoint -40 °C
    - no condensate fallout in pipework installed outside
  • CFC-free
    - significant contribution to protecting the ozone layer and environment

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