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airtelligence. Energy efficient control for up to 16 compressors.

Because we are acutely aware of the high price of energy we have tried even harder to control your costs.
And, when it comes to the larger sized compressor, saving money becomes a very profitable imperative. The optimisation of your operating costs, the reduction of your maintenance costs via a self acting control system like airtelligence will admirably serve your interests. This multiple compressor controller is designed to coordinate and harmonise up to 16 compressors of different types.

airtelligence providently manages your system to ensure the best possible operating efficiency whilst at the same time it monitors the entire range of functions to assure even more profitable and effective production output.

airtelligence. Availability, Supply Dependability, Consumption Optimisation.

airtelligence is designed to control every compressor in a multicompressor system by selecting the ideal compressor or multiple of compressors to match the system demand based on air consumption. Moreover, airtelligence intelligently forecasts additional or reduced demand and automatically switches priorities to optimise the combination of compressors running at any one time.
This serves to reduce load/idle run switch cycles and massively saves on electrical power by virtually eliminating expensive idle run times.
airtelligence is ideal for optimising existing systems where the controller can determine potential leakage and net capacity.


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