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284 - 367 l/min
10 - 13 cfm

Pressure options:
8 - 10 bar
115 - 150 psig

Motor size:
3,2 kW
4 HP

BSO / BSOL DM Series

Industrial design
Standard and super-silenced models

Compressor Unit
- with twin air receivers

Complete system, compressor installed directly onto twin air receivers.

BOGE - Benefits for you

  • Minimum installation costs
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Energy cost savings
  • A Positive Contribution towards protecting the environment
  • Galvanised pressure receiver
  • No foundations
  • Minimum space required

Compressor Station
- with twin air receivers
- and membrane dryer

Simple Compressed air Drying with:
No condensate discharge
No moving parts
No electrical connections
Dry compressed air
No additional space required for the dryer

Compressor Station
- super-silenced

Compressor, twin air receivers and membrane dryer (option), in a super-silenced housing.

  • Can be installed directly into the workplace

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