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3,83 - 18,4 m3/min
135 - 650 cfm

Pressure range:
8 - 13 bar
115 - 190 psig

Motor range:
30 - 110 kW
40 - 150 HP

SD 40-2 up to SD 150 with integral dryer

All-in-one - numerous advantages

The standard S series screw compressors form the basis of these complete ‘ready-to-use’ compressed air stations. A +3°C refrigerant dryer (DIN ISO 7183) is simply dropped into the top of the compressor package and fully piped and wired.
Combining the compressor and the dryer provides a space-saving solution eliminating the traditional dryer installation cost. If necessary, the compressor can be operated without the dryer, by utilising a simple by-pass that is supplied in the system.
A loss free electronically operated level controlled condensate drain is fitted as standard.

Operating controls and monitoring indication are clearly laid-out on the compressor’s control panel.

  • Space saving compact design
    - no additional space requirement and no additional installation costs for the dryer
  • Dryer module is simply dropped into the top of the compressor package
    - fast and easy access
  • Cyclone separator with condensate drain fitted before the dryer as standard
    - bulk condensate eliminated before dryer
  • Dryer fitted with electronically operated, level-controlled condensate drain as standard
    - loss free removal of condensate
  • High availability of the compressor
    - in the event of a dryer malfunction a simple bypass ensures continual availability of the compressor

A cyclone separator with electronically operated level controlled condensate drain is installed as standard before the dryer in order to remove condensate that is formed in the aftercooler.
The capacity of the dryer is therefore utilised fully for drying the compressed air. The loss free electronic condensate drain is a standard feature of the compressed air station and removes any further condensate from the drying process.
The dryers operating controls and monitoring indications are clearly laid out on the compressors control panel.

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